Making some changes.

Making some changes.

Sorry it took so long we are making some changes to are websites. I cant give an ETA on when it will be done because we only have 2 web developers. Will will update this post when were done. More ยป


PAX South

Who is going to pax south this year? Just to let everyone know members of are pro team and other core members will be going to pax south next year.


We are a Esport CWL team! We are starting a foundation to help our gamers and community. Also, we are partnered with humble. Charity is what we love! So, half of every donation goes to aiding people in need. We strive to make this generation the best it can be! You can check us out on Thank you, XMoMayhemX


E-Sport and teams

Think you got what it takes to make the big leagues. Well your in luck NationalGamerZ is putting together a team for call of duty. As of this post were only looking for member’s on Xbox one at this time. If you think you have what it takes to make a name for your self and some sweet loot just drop your gamertag in the comment section below.


Sorry were still in redevelopment mode. Give me sometime to get everything back in order.


Give me sometime to get the website back in order so if you find any problems please post them here for me thanks